Project Astroliner

The Astroliner is a forty foot flight simulator that is portable. This Astroliner is based off of the story of Jupiter 7 by Mat Roll. You sit inside of the ship, which holds twenty plus people. Inside there is a large video screen. Customers get to experience multiple effects from, sound to visual. I’ve been writing this story since high school 2000. What really spired this story was my Dads Astroliner. In my family we now owned two of them. My dad bought his a few years after returned from Vietnam. He entered the carnival business a long time ago.

Starlight Castle

The Starlight Castle is a sixty foot, two story when expanded fun house for children and young teens. They get to experience the story for Jupiter 7 The Starlight Castle was originally a story from my dad’s early era of sci-fi story telling. The Starlight Castle was the home base for the Mentors who were gathering all planets with humans to destroy us all.

Dragon Fly

The Dragonfly is a swinging carnival ride that is man powered. By pulling ropes you and your friends can really get it moving and going high. The Dragonfly was originally built by my dad in mid 80’s. I’ve incorporated it into my story of Jupiter 7. In the third installment of my novel series the captain is on a lost on an unknown planet and makes some new friends that require his help. In the process he helps a Dragon with scoliosis.

Novel & Art

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Artist Alley

Come find me at local comic cons and craft shows. At my artist alley table I sign my Novels and mini comic books based on Jupiter 7. Also I have an array of 3D printed items that I’ve created and molded. Also I have digital sew outs of art that I stretch on canvas bars. My setup is custom themed to fit my stories.

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